How to Run Faster

Everyone can run faster using these simple ideas

Make small adjustments to what you are already doing and you will find yourself running faster...

In a matter of days in some cases!

Harry Stevens How to Run FasterHi,

I am Harry Stevens and I have been running since 1972, so I have picked up a few things in that time.
I started on the track, setting a new World Record, and trained in elite groups with International athletes and National Coaches.  I now run just for the fun of it.

While watching runners at the local track and on the streets when I'm driving I can usually see some simple mistake they are making that is not only slowing them down, it is also increasing their chances of injury and reducing their potential enjoyment of the sport.

Now is your chance to find out how you can increase your running speed by running better.

Small changes to what you do now will improve your running and increase your injury free days.

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  • Increased strength without using weights

  • Reduce your chances of injury

  • What should you be eating?

  • This simple piece of equipment will make your normal run into a powerful speed training run

  • And many more valuable and shockingly simple tips to make you a better runner

Yes Harry! I want to run Faster and Better than ever before.

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